Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back
Sometimes to have a break is a good idea, if you are planning to change your current position and specially if you have been fired.

Losing a job is one of the most stressful events in life. You may feel angry, sad, frustrated or that it is the end of the world. Calm down, it is not. Here we have some tips for bouncing back from your job loss, take control of your life and start over.
  • Do not try to find a job immediately after losing one. Take at least three days to do nothing and to accept what happened. Consider this time as a mourning time. You are not ready to look for or find a new job or to talk about new opportunities. Instead, do something you like and that you did not have time to do when you were working. Exercise, read a book or listen to your favorite music. This will make you heal.

  • Do not hang on to your emotions. These emotions can be an obstacle on your job search. If you do not deal with your anger, you may show it unconsciously during an interview and that could create a negative picture of you.

  • Talk about your job loss. Don't keep it to yourself or hide your feelings. If you want, you can talk about it with a family member or a friend. You can also talk to a professional. You have to process your feelings before moving on.

  • Do not ignore your feelings. It is acceptable to feel ashamed at the beginning but you need to be self-assured and self-confident when looking for a new job opportunity. In order to feel better, you can use your free time to help other people.

  • Talk about your problem right away. That someone you talk to could be a friend, sibling, parent or spouse and will be your support and a non competitive shoulder to lean on. You need to regain your confidence and believe in your own skills again.

  • Take control. Try to turn this negative situation to a positive one. Start doing this by looking at all your options and decide what the best thing to do is.

  • Move on. After you have dealt with your emotions and mourned, it is time to stop looking at the past and look towards the future. A new job is waiting for you.

  • Make a plan. Include everything you need to do while job hunting. Organize yourself making a new resume, buying newspapers, considering some deadlines and more. And do not keep this plan in your desk. Put it in a place you will always see it. It can help you when you are sad, looking at it you will feel motivated.

  • Be patient. You will probably not find a job immediately, but it will happen eventually. Do not worry too much, there is a job waiting for you.

  • Do not overvalue any job opportunity you find. If a job you find does not work, remember there are more and you will find another one sooner or later.

  • Do not use all your time looking for a job. You will feel more motivated to find a job if you balance your time with relaxing activities too.

  • Plan activities that make you achieve something. Take some lessons. The fact that you learn something new or do something will make you feel successful.

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Bouncing Back Bouncing Back

Here we have some tips for bouncing back from your job loss, take control of your life and start over.

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