Employee rights

Employee rights Have you ever been through the difficult experience of losing or leaving your job? Losing or leaving a job is something that millions of Americans have already faced in the last few years. However, in this article we will be able to learn some important aspects about the process, practices and your legal rights according to termination labor laws about leaving a job, and, to be more specific, getting fired from a job.

If you have recently been fired or you are afraid that may happen, the following lines will give you a better idea of what are the correct actions you should take in case you have to face this complicated situation.

After getting fired from a job, employees maintain a certain level of rights when it comes to the workplace. This includes some benefits retained regardless of the reasons for termination. Also, there are cases where some firings can be considered violation of legal rights, encouraging you to pursue legal action.

If you are fired from a job, the employer usually is not allowed to take your retirement money. As long as you are vested, the retirement money is yours.

Health insurance from a company of twenty or more employees is part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This permits you to retain health coverage for up to eighteen months after termination. This is actually really important for you to know, because in case you get sick or you have an accident, even though you do not have a job, you will be able to use the health coverage during the eighteen months already mentioned.

If you are fired because of a layoff, closure or other reason, usually, you are able to collect unemployment compensation, but if you are terminated due to a violation of a company policy, the aforementioned rule won't apply.

If you were fired by any reason that is considered unfair by law (also known as wrongful termination), you can generally follow the channels for a lawsuit or work with the union in order to get a fair compensation. However, many contracts deem employees as "at will" workers, meaning they can be terminated at a moment notice for any reason.

You have to make sure that the reason for your lawsuit is covered by a specific law, so you have a winnable case.

When an employee has been fired for being a whistle blower (which means that an employee reports illegal actions happening in the company committed by the employer, to the proper authorities), the employer is committing an act in violation of the law. This generally occurs if you report violation to the government or participate in an investigation or lawsuit.

These are some of the reasons why it is extremely important to have information about the employees rights after a contract has been terminated o the employee has quit the job for any reason.

Wrongful Termination Wrongful Termination

It may happen when your employer fired you or laid you off or forced you to quit your job or retire.

Employee Rights Employee Rights

Along this article we are going to talk about employee rights and benefits, after being fired.

Unemployment Insurance Unemployment Insurance

This insurance gives you the opportunity to have a protection when such as unexpected situation occurs.

Bouncing Back Bouncing Back

Here we have some tips for bouncing back from your job loss, take control of your life and start over.

Search for a new job Search for a new job

If you want to search for a new job you must consider different strategies to make this dream come true.

Applications Applications

If you are applying for a new job, you will probably be asked to fill some job application forms.

Resume writing Resume writing

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Interviewing Interviewing

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