Getting Fired

Getting Fired In this section you will be able to find topics related to getting fired, wrongful termination, employee rights and unemployment insurance.

The fact that an employee might get fired is probably one of the most painful experiences during a job period. Even when it was not employee┬┤s fault, people are always concerned about this situation. In the majority of cases employees are wrongfully terminated because of violation to the work rules, discrimination, or just if public policy is violated.

It has also seen that in many situations an employer does not need a reason to fire an employee.

Employee rights
are also important for employees, It is important to remark that these kind of rights are covered in any state or country law. This kind of protection must be taken into account when any employee believes that his or her most important rights are being violated from employers.

Employee rights fall under some categories:

  • Union activity.
  • Working hours and minimum pay.
  • Equal compensation for men and women doing the same or similar work for the same employer.
  • Safety and health protection in the work environment and related workers' compensation.
  • Unemployment benefits.
  • Nondiscriminatory hiring and promotion practices.
  • Family and medical leave.
  • Ability to complain without retaliation

Unemployment Insurance
after getting fired many people recurs to this benefit. Any employee who qualifies under the terms of the state unemployment compensation law is permitted to collect benefits. To be qualified, the employee must have worked for a certain minimum number of weeks. Certain states or countries will pay reduced benefits where part-time work provides only a small amount of money.

These are just some topics we are going to talk about in this section. Find also information about wrongful termination and Bouncing Back

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Employee Rights Employee Rights

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