How to resign

How to resign
How to resign?
Since you have gotten a new job, you have to resign your current work. You have to be very careful when you resign, you never know if your paths will joined again in the future.

Find the correct time to resign
Consider the notice time, read carefully your contract and check how long the notice time is. You should try to leave in good terms, not leaving your boss worrying about covering your position. If possible, your resignation should coincide with your state date.

Give a written notice
Always submit a written resignation, try to hand the resignation letter personally, it is polite and also you are sure that your boss got it. Be polite and clear about the last date you will be at the job. Don't make the letter too long, but state that you are grateful for the opportunity of working with them but that you feel that a change is necessary.

Let your boss know that during the period notice you will be happy to help in whatever is necessary for the transition, like train your replacement or get everything in order.

Ask for a personal appointment
It is polite to talk with your boss, but be careful. Don't provide too much information about your new job, it could be dangerous, your boss will probably ask you questions about how much will you earn or other questions that could make you uncomfortable, but you an always say "I am sorry, I can't answer that".

Be grateful and courteous, even if it hasn't been your best experience or he or she is the reason why you looked for a new job, you never know if in the future you will meet again in another job and never say negative things about the job you are leaving.

Be careful with a counteroffer
State that you don't want a counteroffer. There is always a risk of problems when you accept a counteroffer, even if they made it because they consider you indispensable, but there is always the possibility that you could be training someone that could replace you when they decide it. If you accept a counteroffer they probably won't treat you with same confidence that they had before.

Avoid talking about your new job
There is no worst thing that your boss learn about your resignation from a third person before your letter, so avoid talking with coworkers.

Be prepared to leave immediately
Assuming that your boss says that you do not need the notice time and you can leave the same day, you should be prepared. If you work with a computer, clean the computer from all the personal information that you keep there and save in a disk all the information you have the right to take for yourself (providing that are not private information from the company) and other physical stuff you have in your office.

Finally, tell your coworkers, especially those who work closely to you and immediately superior workers that you have resigned, thank to the people for working with you, maybe in the future you will work together again.

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How to resign How to resign

You have to be very careful when you resign, you never know if your paths will joined again in the future.

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