How to write a resignation letter

How to write a resignation letter Have you been thinking on moving on for a better career job opportunity? Or do you think this is the right time for a change? If so, it might also be time for a resignation letter. How to write a resignation letter is probably one of the most common questions that many people struggle with, and this is why there are many important things to consider in this writing process. Firstly, it is very important to ponder that this letter will be part of your employee portfolio and might be considered for your future job letter recommendations; we never know when this can be helpful or even if you might be back to your old job.
  • Simplicity
  • It is almost always hard to convey the precise tone when writing a resignation letter, but what many people recommend is not to say more than you are leaving (brief and to the point). Of course it is also very important to emphasize positively the benefits and achievements that you got during your stay. Under some circumstances you might mention the reasons why you are quitting your job (relocating, studies, personal reasons, illnesses, etc), and your regret in doing so, but your explanation should be simple and brief.

  • Gracefully and Professionally
  • A good resignation letter needs to be written with the head and not with the heart, so it will demand you criteria to take into account, like courtesy and professionalism. Try to avoid complaining about the job or problems you could have had there, instead, value the support that the company had to your personal growing, and how well this has affected your performance (positively).

  • Thankfulness
  • It is really appropriate for someone who is leaving a job, to show signs of great willingness and gratitude. It makes no difference whether you had a good time or you just wasted it, a reasonable person knows that there is always something to learn from everyone and in everywhere. Thank your employer for your time there.

  • Proper Notice
  • It is important to consider that leaving a job might result easy for us in some way, but the problem might rest in our company, boss in charge of human resources or even in ourselves if we do not take some forecasts into account. We cannot pretend to have a last minute leaving, it will be very inconvenient. The best thing that a person who made the decision of leaving might do, would be doing this in at least two weeks in advance, in that way the company might find someone who will substitute you momentarily or permanently.

  • Closing
  • Close your resignation letter with a good paragraph, it is not a bad idea to wish good for the near future of the company. Also remember to leave some additional information that might be helpful.

As you can see there are some good steps you can follow before start writing a resignation letter.

How to write a resignation letter How to write a resignation letter

Here are many important things to take into account in the resignation letter writing process.

The letter of resignation

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