The letter of resignation

The letter of resignation The letter of resignation is probably one of the most difficult and important document to write, nevertheless, here you will find some tips to do this task a little bit simpler. What are those vital points to take into account when resigning? Hot to make the difference?

If you had a problem while you were working, don't talk about it in your letter of resignation. It is perfectly possible to write a letter of resignation and still ask for a letter of reference in case that you need it. The idea is to maintain a good relationship with your employer and your co-workers. If your company was under deplorable work conditions, don't mention it in your letter of resignation. It is all about being diplomatic. It is true that some people send a letter of resignation by e-mail, but we suggest you not to do so. Stay on the safe side, and send a letter of resignation by hand.

If you have already made the decision of resigning there are some recommendations we would like to follow.

  • Try to find and wait for the right moment to let your employer or boss know about your decision of leaving. Factors like employers' mood or health might result inconvenient or uneasy for both employers and employees.

  • It is almost difficult to know how our employers will take or interpret our decision of leaving their companies, so it is very important to be aware of things that might help us feel relieved. The tone you will use when writing this kind of letter is very important, the person who is going to resign should always show confidence given the importance of this act.

  • Try to be brief, respectful and thankful. Remember the idea of leaving the job is completely yours, and courtesy might play a very important role. In this form, the doors will always be open, even under some circumstance you may be back or if you are planning to get a good recommendation.

  • Consider that it is recommendable to at least give two weeks' notice. Employers do not like to be informed in the last minute; this time will permit your employer to find some to cover your current position in the company.

  • It is not necessary to point out reason of why you are leaving your current job, especially if they do not say positive things.

We actually have many types of resignation letters, and each one actually relates to a specific situation. Some of these are:

  • General letter of resignation
  • It is basically a straightforward resignation letter. This is where you specify when you're leaving and thank your employer for everything you've learned while you were working.

  • Moving to another company
  • This is a letter where you explain your reasons as to why you're leaving. A desire to expand your knowledge is always acceptable.

  • Waiver of notice period resignation letter
  • This is where you ask your employer to leave a little bit earlier. You apologize for giving him/her such a short notice since you will most likely be leaving the company under ongoing projects. Try to finish them before you leave.

  • Going back to college
  • Well, many people resign because they don't have enough time to study if they work. Many people have found difficult to work full time and study full time. Others are getting a master's degree, and as you know, a master's degree takes a lot of study.

  • Extension of Notice Period Resignation letter
  • This is usually redacted by people who have a high job position that includes so many responsibilities. They may have to extend the date upon a previous agreement with the company.

  • Request a shorter notice resignation letter
  • This letter helps you to courteously ask for an earlier date to leave the company. The reason should be included.

  • No written contract resignation letter
  • It doesn't matter if you don't have a contract with the company. It is still a formality that you should follow.

  • Maternity leave resignation letter
  • It is true that people can return to work after maternity leave. But sometimes people want to dedicate all their time to their new baby. As any other resignation letter, it must be written discreetly.

  • Leaving due to Sickness resignation letter
  • Sometimes people don't feel capable to fulfill all their obligations due to sickness. Sometimes they want to recuperate completely that they prefer to write a resignation letter.

How to write a resignation letter How to write a resignation letter

Here are many important things to take into account in the resignation letter writing process.

The letter of resignation

Here you have some tips that will help you to write a professional resignation letter in a simple way.

Resignation letter Format Resignation letter Format

In order to write a professional and serious resignation letter, you must see the format it should have.

Resignation letter Sample Resignation letter Sample

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Resignation letter Template Resignation letter Template

You should check out some resignation letter templates before writing the one you are going to send.

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