Resignation Pros and Cons

Resignation Pros and Cons Probably the time you are deciding on leaving or quitting your job is going to be "the time", the time because you have to think about the resignation pros and cons of this crucial decision in your job career. Before making this decision it is opportune for us to point out these ideas.

Resignation Pros

Definitely, if you are leaving your current position, it is because you found something full of better expectations and a lot more of opportunities.
Among the most important we might consider:

  • Job career improvement.
  • Better job conditions.
  • Get more experience
  • For sure you will feel a personal growing, empowered and renewed.
  • You will not say I was fired, instead, you will say I resigned.
  • You might get a counteroffer.
  • More time for planning or analyzing new job offers.
  • Having someone who can start immediately always sounds good for employees.

Resignation Cons

On the other hand you have to know that if you are resigning, you might be informed about these possible situations:

  • The economical issue sounds like the most relevant to consider. Remember that you will not get any unemployment insurance benefits, because this insurance just covers unexpected job loss.
  • May or may not get a good reference.
  • If you have not gotten a job offer yet, it might take you a time to get a new one. In the meantime your incomes might be drastically reduced. Also you might spend a time unemployed.
  • Whenever you feel you made a good decision, it is seen that some people regret about resigning. Think before you act.

Resigning by an independent option is almost always an advantage. It is always better to handle the decision and to compare between new and better opportunities. Remember, as one door closes another opens.

Reasons for leaving a job Reasons for leaving a job

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Tips for quitting your job Tips for quitting your job

If you decide on leaving a job, take into account what favorable or negative aspects this might bring.

Notice of resignation Notice of resignation

Also called resignation notice, is usually referred to the period (two weeks) for an employee to resign.

Resignation Pros and Cons Resignation Pros and Cons

If you are resigning, you might be informed about some possible situations, check this section.

How to resign How to resign

You have to be very careful when you resign, you never know if your paths will joined again in the future.

The Counteroffer The Counteroffer

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