Resignation In this section you will find information about reasons for leaving a job, tips for quitting your job, notice of resignation, resignation pros and cons, and the counter offer.

Resignation or also called the act of leaving or quitting your job is in many forms one of the most important steps during a job period for employees and employers.
Many questions might come to your mind before making this decision. Am I ready for a change? , Am I making the right decision? How will I make this?

Fortunately, we can find different ways of resigning, face to face resign, letters for resign, phone resign and even e- mail resigns. Probably one of the most effective and at the same time difficult forms of resigning is the face to face resigning, given that you will have your boss or employer in front of you.

Have you thought in a letter of resign? After face to face resigns is probably the most used in our society, the use of the Internet has become this way very useful for those who are leaving a job. Our job represents a period of experience and also the time we shared, learned and laughed with colleagues, so all of these memories might be determinant the moment you are writing your letter.

What to include? What to say? Or what to write? Probably not many people can handle this situation in the same way, for some others it might result complicated and for the rest simple, of course according to the situations a conditions that they have.

The person who is resigning need to be sure of being taking the best option, pros and cons are going to be very meaningful, employers are also ready for this kind of circumstances and the counter offer might appear.

"I have no intention of resigning, and confidently expect to resume official duties within three months. Frederick W. Borden"

Reasons for leaving a job Reasons for leaving a job

To help you out a bit, I've knocked up a quick list of reasons you can give for leaving your last job

Tips for quitting your job Tips for quitting your job

If you decide on leaving a job, take into account what favorable or negative aspects this might bring.

Notice of resignation Notice of resignation

Also called resignation notice, is usually referred to the period (two weeks) for an employee to resign.

Resignation Pros and Cons Resignation Pros and Cons

If you are resigning, you might be informed about some possible situations, check this section.

How to resign How to resign

You have to be very careful when you resign, you never know if your paths will joined again in the future.

The Counteroffer The Counteroffer

A counteroffer could come as a raise in the salary. More company benefits or a promotion in your position.