Notice of resignation

Notice of resignation The time an employee is ready for leaving your job is the time he must consider the notice of resignation. Notice of resignation is also called resignation notice, which is usually referred to the period (two weeks) for an employee to resign. It means that at the end of that period the employee is no longer part of the company.

Of course we can find some variations in this practice, some companies are very sensitive due to the kind of information they have and depending on the access the employee has they may not want the two weeks' notice, instead you might be asked to leave as soon as possible, or be escorted to the door without taking anything apart from your personal belongings, In that case employers will have to pay for the two weeks, even when these ones were not worked.

In some other companies the notice of resignation is taken logically according to the employee point of view and the fact that he is resigning in advance, given that the employee is probably asked to finish until the last day or last minute, this just to follow work politics, that they were previously established in the company.

Many employers do not take this notice in a good way, instead they might feel they fail in their role as leaders or they did not have time to listen or see what the employees need. Nevertheless, some others are really expecting this notice; especially if we are living in a world of competency where everyone has the right of get an upgrade or just have his salary increased those who think this way might even feel happy as formers of new bosses.

Employees' expectations are higher and higher every current day, so it is important for employers to consider good politics of work, all of these according to the changes in our society.

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Notice of resignation Notice of resignation

Also called resignation notice, is usually referred to the period (two weeks) for an employee to resign.

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